A national non-governmental youth organisation operates at national level in one of the signatories to the European Cultural Convention (the 46 member states of Council of Europe plus Kazakhstan, Holy See, Belarus, and the Russian Federation). Its members and scope of activities remain at national level.

If a national youth NGO wants to apply for an EYF grant for an international activity, it must have at least 3 youth NGO partners from 3 other countries (or an international youth NGO or network as a partner) and provide proof of the co-operation with these partners on common projects during the previous 2 years.

The partners do not necessarily have to be registered with the EYF, but they must work together throughout the whole process (initial idea, concept, design, implementation, evaluation, etc.). A partner cannot be a “sending organisation”, i.e. just send participants without any other role.

During the project assessment phase, the NGOs listed as partners may be contacted by the EYF if additional information about the partnership is needed.

What can a national youth NGO apply for?

When to apply?

  Information on the European Youth Foundation deadlines

How to apply?

Every NGO interested in applying to the European Youth Foundation has to go through this application process.