A local non-governmental youth organisation operates within a country at local level or in a restricted area (village, town, region) in one of the Council of Europe member states*. Its members and scope of activities are at local level.

Some local organisations have been working with partners from other areas, but unless this partnership is structured and goes beyond ad hoc projects, it should not consider itself as national or international.

What can a local youth NGO apply for?

Pilot activity

When to apply?

Information on the European Youth Foundation deadlines

How to apply?

Every NGO interested in applying to the European Youth Foundation has to go through this application process.


* Statute of the European Youth Foundation
Article 3 – Participation by Contracting Parties to the European Cultural Convention, not members of the Council of Europe: Any Contracting Party to the European Cultural Convention which is not a member of the Council of Europe may be invited by a decision of the Committee of Ministers to participate in the activities of the Foundation.