Decisions from the Programming Committee on Youth in December 2018

19th December 2018 STRASBOURG

The Programming Committee on Youth met on 13-14 December

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Council of Europe 70th anniversary logo

17th December 2018 Strasbourg

In 2019, the Council of Europe celebrates its 70th anniversary

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EYF visit to Stockholm

22 November 2018

The EYF visited a pilot activity focusing on the inclusion of young refugees

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Decisions by the Joint Council on Youth

14/11/2018 Strasbourg

Highlights of the CMJ decisions from its October meeting in Strasbourg

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Cut-off date for pilot activity applications

06 Novembre 2018 STRASBOURG

The next cut-off date for pilot activity applications is 09 December 2018.

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Focus themes for EYF pilot activities in 2019

24 October 2018 Strasbourg

The Joint Council on Youth approved the focus themes for pilot activities to be supported by the EYF in 2019.

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Grant applications received on 1 October

04 october 2018 Strasbourg

The EYF is starting to assess the work plan and international activity applications received on 1 October.

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EYF on the road

14 september 2018 STRASBOURG

The EYF organised a presentation in Skopje, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, for local and national organisations, and an information session in Brussels, for International Youth NGOS.

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Upcoming deadline for applications

27 August 2018 Strasbourg

The 1 October deadline is approaching! If this is your first application, your NGO must be registered before 15 September.

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The EYF thanks France and Luxembourg for their voluntary contributions

headline 09/08/2018 STRASBOURG

France and Luxembourg provide voluntary contributions to the EYF.

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