Temporary suspension of the EYF support to pilot activities

28 Sepmber 2017

As a result of the decision by the Russian Federation to suspend payment of the outstanding balance of its contributions to the budget of the Council of Europe for 2017, the Strasbourg-based Organisation decided to defer certain activities or programmes. This means for the European Youth...

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Grant applications for 2018

14 September 2017 Strasbourg

The second EYF deadline of the year, 1 October, is fast approaching! If you wish to submit an application and you are NOT a registered organisation with the EYF, you have until 20 September (at the latest) to register online. How to register. To help you prepare, we developed this checklist! WHAT...

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Structural grant applications for 2018-2019

headline 14 September 2017 Strasbourg

Are you considering applying for a Structural Grant 2018-2019 at the 1 October 2017 deadline? Are you an international youth NGO/network having received EYF grants over the past three years? Then this information concerns you! Check the eligibility criteria and calculation system Consult the Word...

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Structural grant application forms

26 July 2017 Strasbourg

Updated application form for 2018-2019 structural grant now available.

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EYF visit to Albania

25 July 2017 Strasbourg

The EYF visited the pilot activity organised by the youth NGO Centre for Youth Progress in Kukës, Albania.

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June decisions of the Programming Committee on Youth

29 June 2017 Strasbourg

The Programming Committee on Youth took decisions on 2018 grant applications to the EYF.

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EYF information session in Brussels for EYF registered NGOs

27 June 2017 Strasbourg

15 July 2017: Deadline to apply for the next EYF information session taking place in Brussels in September 2017

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The Programming Committee will meet soon in Budapest

2 June 2017 Strasbourg

The Programming Committee on Youth (PC) will meet on 8-9 June 2017 in Budapest.

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