In order to help you fulfil the requirements linked to your EYF-supported project, the EYF team has prepared the following checklist with links to the relevant information.


Here is a checklist to follow in order to respect the obligations of your contract:

Phases Questions To do      
Preparation of documents, website, posters, etc.

Have you included the Council of Europe logo and the visual identity of the EYF?

  Are you giving visibility to the EYF?

On each post, please mention that the project is supported by the EYF and use the hashtag #eyfcoe.
If the post is not written in English or French, please add a few lines in English so that the EYF can share it.

During the preparation and implementation of the project Do you need to make changes in the venue, dates, programme, the team, the budget?

Contact the EYF via the comments page of the online grant application form and request prior approval.
Keep the EYF informed about any developments

Preparation of the programme How will you present the EYF and the Council of Europe to the participants?

Download the EYF PowerPoint presentation.

Distribute the EYF leaflet (available in several languages.

An EYF game is also available.

At the venue Have you printed the EYF poster to make the EYF support visible to your participants? Download the EYF poster (4 different versions available) and make it visible at the activity venue.
Video, online material, publications, photos

You have produced a great video of your activity. Do you mention in the credits that your activity has been supported by the EYF?

Have you included a disclaimer in your printed/online publications produced with EYF support?

Download CoE logo and EYF visual identity

Download the EYF visual identity and include it in your videos, online material, website, etc.

For publications, indicate that they were produced with the support of the EYF and use the following disclaimer:

“This publication was produced by […] with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. It does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Council of Europe.”


Have you read the reporting guidelines?

Do you know exactly what the EYF expects in terms of reporting?

Check the Reporting page on the EYF website and read the financial reporting guidelines.


Any other questions? If you can’t find an answer on the EYF website, send a comment via the online system (Comments page of the online grant application).