For communication purposes, the Congress uses the logo of the Council of Europe together with a visual of the Congress with specific references: in English, The Congress and in French, Le Congrès. This set (logo and visual) is the central element of the Congress' visual identity.

This visual identity is the property of the Congress. Its use by the public is subject to authorisation. This authorisation is granted for any use of the visual identity in accordance with the values and principles of the Council of Europe. It is not to be used, under any circumstances, for commercial purposes. Each application will be considered individually in order to ascertain whether the conditions of use are met. Authorisation does not confer any entitlement to exclusivity.

Individual members of the Congress, national delegations to the Congress as well as political groups of the Congress and all internal entities of the Congress, may make full use of the Congress visual identity, without prior authorisation, provided it is reproduced in its entirety, without graphic adaptation or modification of proportions. They must clearly indicate their name or title directly below the visual identity in order to avoid confusion between any position put forward in.

Requests should be sent to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe by email.

Files in EPS format need to be saved to the computer. JPEG files can be downloaded and imported directly into documents by copying and pasting. The files can be edited using software such as MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop. The quality of the each image is proportional to its filesize (KB).


Congress logo color PNG



     Congress logo color PNG           



Congress logo color

Congress logo color JPEG  Congress logo color PNG  Congress logo color EPS


Congress logo black and white

 Congress logo color JPEG Congress logo black and white PNG  Congress logo black and white EPS

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