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  Terms of Reference

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  Opinions by the CDDH
  Interim and Activity
    reports to the
    Committee of Ministers
  Simplified Amendment
    Procedure (DH-PS)

  Selection of
    Candidates (CDDH-SC)

Protection Procedures

  Development of Human
    Rights (DH-DEV)

  Fighting Impunity

  Length of proceedings

  Access to official
    documents (DH-S-AC)

  Accelerated asylum
    procedures (GT-DH-AS)

  Fight against terrorism

  Social rights

 Recommendation 2017(2013) Nanotechnology: balancing benefits and risks to public health and the environment
 Recommendation 2016(2013) Frontex: human rights responsibilities
 Recommendation 2015(2013) on young people's access to fundamental rights
 Recommendation 2010(2013) Migration and asylum: mounting tensions in Eastern Mediterranean
 Recommendation 1995(2012) on the International Convention for the protection of all persons from enforced disappearance
 Recommendation 1994(2012) on an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights on national minorities
 Recommendation 1900(2010) on the detention of asylum seekers and irregular migrants in Europe
 Recommendation 1901(2010) on solving property issues of refugees and displaced persons
 Recommendation 1865(2009) on the protection of human rights in emergency situations
 Recommendation 1866(2009) on the situation of human rights defenders in Council of Europe member states
 Recommendation 1868(2009) on action to combat gender-based rights violations, including abduction of women and girls
 Recommendation 1881(2009) on the urgent need to combat so-called "honor crimes"
 Recommendation 1883(2009) on the challenges posed by climate change
 Recommendation 1858(2009) on private military and security firms and the erosion of the state monopoly on the use of force
 Recommendation 1885(2009) on drafting an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights concerning the right to a healthy environment
 Recommendation 1876(2009) on state of human rights in Europe: the need to eradicate impunity
 Recommendation 1824(2008) on United Nations Security Council and European Union blacklists
 Recommendation 1809(2007) on Council of Europe member states' duty to co-operate with the European Court of Human Rights
 Recommendation 1742(2006) on human rights of members of the armed forces
 Recommendation 1719(2005) on enforced disappearances
 Recommendation 1727(2005) on accelerated asylum procedures in Council of Europe member states
 Recommendation 1698(2005) on the rights of children in institutions
 Recommendation 1703(2005) on the protection and assistance for separated children seeking asylum
 Recommendation 1677(2004) on challenge of terrorism in Council of Europe member states
 Recommendation 1680(2004) on new concepts to evaluate the state of democratic development
 Recommendation 1682(2004) on Education for Europe
 Recommendation 1550(2002) on Combating terrorism and respect for humand rights
 Recommendation 1479(2000) on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union