Effective remedies for excessive length of proceedingsThe work of the Committee of Experts on effective remedies for excessive length of proceedings (DH-RE), which held two meetings at autumn 2009, has led to the adoption by the Steering Committee for Human (CDDH), at its 69th meeting (24-27 November 2009), of a draft recommendation on effective remedies for excessive length of proceedings, accompanied by a guide to good practice. The Committee of Ministers proceeded to their adoption in February 2010.

The Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)3 and its Guide to Good practice are intended to improve the implementation of the rights to trial within a reasonable time and to an effective remedy, which reflect the central role of the judicial system amongst national authorities and are fundamental to the European Convention on Human Rights system and to the notion of a democratic State governed with respect for human rights and the rule of law.

The Recommendation and its Guide are based on elements of different organs of the Council of Europe (in particular the Court, the Committee of Ministers, the European Commission for Democracy through Law and the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice) as well as on a non-exhaustive selection of examples of good practices of certain member States.

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