Chair of DH-SYSC

Brigitte OHMS (Austria)


Under the supervision of the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH), the Committee of Experts on the System of the European Convention on Human Rights (DH-SYSC) conducts the intergovernmental work intended to enhance the protection of human rights by improving the effectiveness of the control mechanism of the European Convention on Human Rights and the implementation of the Convention at national level, as assigned by the Committee of Ministers to the Steering Committee.

The Committee works in particular on:

  1. the place of the European Convention on Human Rights in the European and international legal order, as well as the related challenges;
  2. the process of selection and election of the judges at the European Court of Human Rights with a view to improving the current system ;
  3. the sustainable functioning of the system of the Convention ;
  4. the implementation of the Convention and execution of the Court’s judgments, in particular different means to promote quicker exchange of information and experiences;  reinforce the status of the government agents, as well as of the co-ordinators (c.f. para. 1 Rec(2008)2);  provide sufficient means to the state authorities involved in the functionning of the Convention and in the process of the execution of judgments ; improve university education and professional training in human rights;
  5. good practices concerning  effective remedies for excessive length of proceedings.

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Like the CDDH, the DH-SYSC is a plenary committee, composed of experts representing the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe as well as other participants and observers, the list of which is determined in its terms of reference. The Committee exchanges views with the different stakeholders of the Convention system, in particular with the Registry of the Court, the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly and the Department for the Execution of Judgments of the Court.