The Drafting Group on Human Rights in situations of crisis (CDDH-SCR) was created in response to the pandemic, but its mandate relates to situations of crises in general. Experience has shown that not only public health crises, but also natural disasters or widespread security threats may place exceptional stress on public administration, creating challenges for the full and effective respect and protection of human rights.

The CDDH-SCR has been asked to produce three documents: a report on member states’ practice in relation to derogations from the European Convention of Human Rights in situation of crisis, a Toolkit for human rights assessment of the measures taken by the State in situation of crises, and a non-binding legal instrument on the effective protection of human rights in situations of crises based on lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic. Put together, these documents will provide valuable practical advice and indications of applicable standards for member States, helping them to ensure that their responses to future crisis situations are human rights-compliant.

The Group’s work will draw on the practical experience of member States, notably during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as on the expertise of other Council of Europe bodies and the input of civil society organisations and national human rights institutions.