Reopening of cases following judgments of the CourtIn accordance with its terms of reference, the DH-SYSC ensures that information concerning the implementation of the Convention and execution of the Court’s judgements is exchanged regularly ‒ in order to assist member States in developing their domestic capacities and facilitate their access to relevant information.

At its 7th meeting (5-7 November 2014), the Committee decided to hold an exchange of information according to its terms of reference, on the implementation of the Convention and the execution of judgments on the provision in the domestic legal order for the re-examination or reopening of cases following judgments of the Court. In so doing, the CDDH’s earlier review of the implementation of the relevant Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation No. R(2000)2 was recalled. The DH-GDR decided that the Committee would not repeat this review but rather concentrate on new or unresolved aspects, on the basis of information, including possible examples of good practice and details of how practical or procedural obstacles to the reopening had been addressed and, possibly, lifted. In order to prepare the exchange of views, the Chair of the DH-GDR, Mr Morten RUUD, invited experts to submit elements in reply to some identified questions regarding criminal and civil proceedings.

At its 8th meeting (27-29 May 2015), the Committee held a fruitful exchange of views on the re-examination or reopening of cases following judgments of the Court, with particular focus on good practices and practical and procedural difficulties encountered. It benefited from the practical experience presented by a Representative of the Department for the Execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. An overview presenting the main information, issues and challenges identified during the exchange of views, will be elaborated.

Written contributions submitted by experts appear below (in English or French).

Written contributions submitted Written contributions submitted