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Partners – Sport NGOs

European Non-Governmental Sport Organisation (ENGSO)

ENGSO is a pan-European, non-governmental organisation and holds advisory status in the Council of Europe.
As well as being involved in a permanent exchange of information, ENGSO also attends the annual meetings of the Committee for the Development of Sport (CDDS), conferences of European Ministers responsible for Sport and the CDDS Bureau meeting, which takes place 3 times a year.
In 2004, in the framework of the European Year of Education through Sport, the Sport Department of the Council of Europe organised a series of conferences and workshops called the “European Crossroads – sport, the front door to democracy” in partnership with the ENGSO Youth section.
: www.engso.com

Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)

UEFA participates at meetings of the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence (T-RV).
For the European football championships, the Council of Europe ensures the co-ordination, between the authorities of countries participating in the competition, of police co-operation and the prevention of spectator violence.
: http://www.uefa.com