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“Inclusion and Protection of Children in and through Sport”
7 and 8 October 2013
Budapest, Hungary


The conference is co-organised by the Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) and the Hungarian Secretariat of Sport and in co-operation with the Council of Europe’s ONE in FIVE Campaign to stop sexual violence against children.
It will address two main issues: on the one hand it will discuss strategies how children in vulnerable situations can be included in sport so that they can take advantage of the benefits which sport offers. On the other, the conference will address protection against sexual harassment and empowerment of children and young people in sport. It will bring together delegates from the world of research, sports movement and public authorities.
The first day of the conference will revolve around workshops grouping together different stakeholders on themes such as:

    ∑ Roma children and sport
    ∑ Young athletes and migration
    ∑ Children in vulnerable situations

The second day will focus on protecting children and young people from violence and sexual abuse within sport. A dialogue via interview with Patrik SjŲberg will be followed by a panel discussion on the subject.
The conference will be opened by Mr ZoltŠn Balog, Minister of Human Resources of Hungary.