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EUR-OPA supports in particular projects on education and disaster risk reduction aimed at promoting a culture of prevention, for example through emergency response drills in school establishments together with annual national campaigns. It also provides preventive information and education on how to stem the effects of natural disasters as well as developing a methodology on basic knowledge for school teachers on safety activities in emergencies etc.

The BeSafeNet project was initiated under the umbrella of EUR-OPA to achieve three main goals:


  1. Promote a culture of safety among youth:
  • Raising awareness on the implications of their actions and their perception of emergencies.
  • Replacing fear with a culture of preparedness.
  1. Disseminate knowledge to multilingual societies:
  • Create a common knowledge database of best experience.
  • Disseminate information in several languages for the benefit of the wider society.
  1. Become an interactive tool:
  • Open the BeSafeNet website to other users and organisations for their benefit and comment.
  • Enrich its content by contributions based on real-life experiences. The target is the general public, especially - school teachers and students.

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