Project: “HELP - European Training Network and Programme for Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals”

  • Over the period 2014-15, the HELP programme continued to build on the strengths and experience of National Training Institutions (NTIs) and Bar Associations (BAs) to promote and enhance knowledge and skills necessary for the effective implementation of the Convention at domestic level, benefiting more than 25 countries.
  • Working groups supported the development of new courses, including on business and human rights, trafficking in human beings, internet governance, hate crime and speech, cybercrime, international co-operation in criminal matters (extradition, criminal proceedings), human rights for asylum seekers. In 2014-15, an average of 150 national events were organised by HELP Focal and Info points and involved 1200 participants. New interactive tools were developed on the HELP website including podcasts, videos, web-conferences, animation movies, illustrations, tutorials, and a promotional video available in 7 languages.
  • The pool of HELP trainers was extended and brings together some 175 certified trainers supporting domestic training on the effective implementation of the Convention. Some 120 HELP press and online articles were published.
  • Over the period 2014-15, the project received a contribution of €1 200 000 from the Fund.