The Council of Europe enjoys co-operation with Montenegro, via six actions currently ongoing under the European Union/Council of Europe Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey in the field of judiciary, penitentiary, economic crime and education. The Council of Europe is currently represented through a programme office, which was established for the implementation of the current projects. 

Montenegro is also a beneficiary of four regional programmes in South East Europe: three Council of Europe/European Union joint programmes, which  provide regional support for "Promoting Good Governance and Roma Empowerment at Local Level (ROMACTED)", support judicial expertise on freedom of expression and the media -"Reinforcing Judicial Expertise on Freedom of Expression and the Media in South-East Europe, JUFREX" and strengthen co-operation in the field of cybercrime by targeting crime proceeds on the internet -"Targeting crime proceeds on the internet in South Eastern Europe and Turkey, iPROCEEDS" and a fourth one financed by the Human Rights Trust Fund -"Providing Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals, HELP"