The "CoE Neighbourhood Co-operation Priorities for Kazakhstan 2014-2015: co-operation activities on Council of Europe’s conventions in criminal matters (NCP)" was adopted by the Committee of Ministers in December 2013 (see joint declaration by Kazakh authorities and the CoE). The NCP has been developed in close co-operation with Kazakh authorities as a strategic co-operation framework in criminal matters in order to bring the country’s legislative and regulatory frameworks and practice closer to European standards. The implementation of the NCP has started in the second half of 2014 thanks to a CoE/EU joint programme (“Support to the Kazakh authorities in improving quality and efficiency of the Kazakh justice system”).

CoE intervention in Kazakhstan is demand driven and despite the fact that the strategic co-operation document is limited to the field of criminal justice, CoE’s intervention has also covered other areas like education to human rights and democratic citizenship (via a country-specific CoE/EU joint programme “Supporting educational policies in democratic citizenship and human rights education in Kazakhstan”), constitutional justice, access to justice and electoral reform (via a regional CoE/EU joint programme “Supporting Constitutional Justice, Access to Justice and Electoral Reform in the Countries of Central Asia”).