Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strategic co-operation between the Council of Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently carried out in in accordance with the framework provided by the Action Plan for Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015-2017, which was adopted by the Committee of Ministers in March 2015. It consists of a total of 24 projects with an overall financial volume of € 20 million.

Support to the reform in the judiciary and penitentiary systems, overcoming inter-ethnic divisions and promoting inclusiveness in education, protection of human rights of national minorities, freedom of expression and media as well as democratic participation have been jointly identified by the Council of Europe and authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina as priorities for co-operation in the framework of the current Action Plan.

Improving the functionality, efficiency and sustainability of domestic institutions at all levels is an overarching strategic objective spanning across the areas of co-operation between the Council of Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Council of Europe follows a participatory approach by placing a strong emphasis on equal opportunities for women, youth, Roma and other vulnerable groups, with the goal of contributing to increased social cohesion and democratic participation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo ensures the efficient and effective use of resources through decentralised project management. It ensures the necessary co-ordination between the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and national stakeholders, as well as with international partners present in the field. The Office comprises six core and 15 project staff, and provides support and/or manages eight decentralised projects with an overall budget of approximately €4.8 million.