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The access to information is an important way of ensuring adherence to the international community’s transparency initiatives regarding actions paid by public resources. By clicking on the icons below you can generate data on the status, funding and beneficiaries of Council of Europe cooperation action.

The accuracy of the generated information depends entirely on the quality of the data currently available in a decentralised database. Some generated data may still require adjustment or clarification. The data provided complements the overall information through key documents, such as Action Plans, framework documents and reports, available here.

For other aspects of the Council of Europe’s work, please visit the Organisation’s other specific websites, including the sites of the Council of Europe External Offices. An overall picture of Council of Europe action can be obtained with the help of the Organisation’s biennial Programme and Budget.

 Please read the PMM reports page explanations first before using the reports below.

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* This information is obtained from the Council of Europe Project Management Database PMM, which is a working tool. For more information please contact the secretariat.