Reform initiatives in a majority of EU member States have already been reinforced by the growing co-operation between EU/EC DG REFORM and the Council of Europe.

These reforms so far concern 20 EU member States and the areas of human rights, rule of law, democracy, good governance/public administration. Fourteen joint projects are currently underway, each time tailored to the needs of member States’ citizens.

Four successive cooperation framework agreements have been signed between the two institutions since 2019. Between 2018-23, DG REFORM and the Council of Europe also carried out six projects through individual agreements. This makes a total of 52 projects so far, worth a total of approximately € 25 million.

Status of co-operation

The Council of Europe is currently implementing the following projects under the different framework and individual agreements:

TEchnical Support Instrument

The Technical Support Instrument (TSI) is the EU programme that provides tailor-made technical expertise to EU Member States to design and implement reforms in a broad range of areas, such as green and digital transition, diversity, public and private finance, migration, business environment, health, Rule of Law and education. The support is demand driven and does not require co-financing from Member States.

On 12 May 2023, on the occasion of the 3rd Technical Support Instrument annual conference, the Commission launched a new call within the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) 2024 cycle.  

 Reform Support Website (TSI 2024 call | Flagship Technical Support Projects)

 Structural Reform Support Website (News | Responsibilities | Plans and Reports | Leadership and organisation)

“We are grateful to  DG REFORM for reinforcing the co-operation with the Council of Europe. The framework agreements  we have together put in place, allow the Council of Europe to deliver concrete results together with the European Commission and the respective EU member States. Through this work we enhance jointly our member States’ capacity to carry out structural reforms in the field of rule of law, human rights protection, and democratic governance.  These programmes have already produced tangible results for our citizens. We are looking forward to further contribute to change in key areas where we have a particular added value.”
Claus Neukirch, Director of Programme Co-ordination

“Our valuable cooperation with the Council of Europe strives for more effective and efficient reforms in the European Member States. In particular the work in the areas of justice, governance in central and local administration, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering allowed us to launch more structural and sustainable reforms” - Mario Nava, Director General of DG REFORM.