VIDEO ON EU/COE co-operation VIDEO ON EU/COE co-operation
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EU partnership

The European Union (EU) is a main political and financial partner of the Council of Europe co-operation activities. A very close partnership has been built up over more than two decades to support activities founded on common values and goals in order to advance human rights, democracy and rule of law in Europe and beyond. The strategic approach to this partnership was strengthened by the signature of the “Statement of Intent for the co-operation between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the EU enlargement region and the Eastern Partnership and Southern Mediterranean countries (EU Neighbourhood region)” in April 2014.

Co-operation agreements Co-operation agreements
New cooperation agreement

The Council of Europe and the European Commission have signed several comprehensive co-operation agreements to promote human rights, the rule of law and democracy. 

This framework of co-operation allows for increased co-ordination of actions and ensures more predictable and flexible long-term Council of Europe/European Union engagement.

The co-operation agreements are based on the Council of Europe “triangle” of standard-setting, monitoring and technical co-operation where applicable.

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European Union-Council of Europe joint projects
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2021 CoE contributions by Donors

  • €207.4 million: Global financial volume of EU/CoE Joint Programmes active in 2021
  • Co-funded by EU at 86.7%, by CoE at 13.3%
  • 15 new Joint Programmes negotiated in 2021 for a total of €23.3 million