The Council of Europe's capacity to implement its work programme is enhanced through an increase in extra budgetary resources which enables the Organisation to provide technical cooperation to its member states. Through its proactive resource mobilisation strategy, strengthened donor relations and the promotion of longer-term framework agreements with donors, the volume and predictability of extra budgetary resources is increasing. The Directorate of Programme Co-ordination manages and maintains regular contacts with donors ensuring close cooperation with the capitals, donors’ representatives in the field, Council of Europe external offices and its headquarters in Strasbourg.

Voluntary contributions are sought and accepted for the Council of Europe priorities as approved by the Committee of Ministers within the framework of the Organisation’s Programme and Budget. The Council of Europe accepts voluntary contributions from member states, and from other sources, including observer states, non-member states, the European Union, International Organisations, foundations, the private sector and individuals who share the goals and values of the Organisation.

For more information on how to contribute to the Council of Europe please contact the Directorate of Programme Co-ordination.