The Council of Europe co-operates with Central Asian countries, in particular Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. The partnership with the European Union is highly valued in this region. Regional activities are complementary to bilateral actions.

Regional activities

Currently there are no regional programmes being implemented. A new European Union/Council of Europe joint programme for the whole Central Asia region is under negotiations.

Bilateral activities

In July 2018, the Council of Europe finalised the implementation of an European Union/Council of Europe Joint Programme “Support to the Kazakh Authorities in Improving the Quality and Efficiency of the Kazakh Justice System”. This project assisted Kazakhstan in bringing its justice system closer to European standards, in particular in the field of criminal justice. Its budget amounted to 2 million euros.

The Kyrgyz Republic currently benefits from a European Union/Council of Europe Joint Programme “Support to Strengthening Democracy through Electoral Reform”. This programme has a 700 000 euros budget and will run until the end of July 2019.