European Centre for Disaster Awareness with the use of the Internet - BE SAFE NET

Address: P.O. Box 23830, 1686 Nicosia, CYPRUS

Tel.: +357 268 18 470

Fax: +357 269 46 374

E-mail: [email protected]





The Centre is accommodated and run its activities at the Cyprus Civil Defense Headquarters. Most of its activities are carried out in cooperation with Cyprus Civil Defence. The administration of the Center is based on the Management Committee and the Scientific Committee, which are appointed on the basis of proposals, put forward by the Council of Europe EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement.

Management Committee
Director: Mrs Maria Papa, Cyprus Civil Defence Commissioner

Andreas Frantzis, Senior Civil Defence Officer
George Gerosimou, Senior Civil Defence Officer
Marinos Papadopoulos, Civil Defence Officer A
Kyriakos Hatzigeorgiou, Civil Defence Officer A
Eleftherios Eleftheriou, Administrative Officer A, Ministry of Interior

Argyris Alexandrou, Civil Defence Officer

President of the Scientific Committee: Argyris Alexandrou
European Centre for Disaster Awareness with the use of the Internet, Cyprus.

Francesc Pla, European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement EUR-OPA, Council of Europe
Fattoum Lakhdari, Scientific and Technical Research Centre on Arid Regions (CRSTRA, Biskra, Algeria)
Kolio P. Kolev, European Center for Risk Prevention (ECRP, Sofia Bulgaria)
Armando Mauro, National Institute “Stop Disaster” Italy
Anton Micallef, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics (ICoD, Valletta, Malta)
Victor Poyarkov, European Centre of Technological Safety (TESEC, Kiev, Ukraine)
Olivier Maquaire, European Centre for Seismic and Geomorphological Hazards (CERG, Strasbourg, France)
Doriano Castaldini, Earth Sciences Department of the Faculty of Sciences of Modena and Reggio Emilia University, Italy


The objective is the development of an organized Network among countries, in first step at school level, with the use of the Internet, aiming at the provision of information and knowledge to groups of people, for prevention, preparedness, immediate reaction and rehabilitation for risks and disasters.


The Centre, carries out activities relating to the preparation of the specification of the Website "BeSafeNet"and the administrative arrangements for the various functions of the Centre.

The specifications of the Site, respond to a state to art portal Internet Site. The future activities of the Centre, will be focus to supplement the Network with all the official languages of the Council of Europe, Italian, Bulgarian and Greek language, the enrichment of the Site and the promotion of the project especially to young people and schools.


After completion of the training of Administrators of all Centers held in Nicosia, a workshop took place in order to discuss the accuracy of the pedagogical content of the Website.