European Centre for Mitigation of Natural Risks - ECMNR


Address: off. 2, 14/1 Toma Ciorba Str., Chisinau city, MD-2004, Rep. of Moldova

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E-mail: [email protected]




A Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee are the main governing bodies of the centre.

President of the Scientific Committee:
Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Costachi, Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Director: Prof. Dr. Anatolie Bantus
Permanent staff of the Center: 4 employees


Our Centre’s mission is to reduce natural risks as a central element of sustainable development and stability, by means of developing the legislative, scientific and educational basis with respect to risk prevention, reaction and assistance, mobilizing and concentrating in this respect the efforts of the scientific community in order to contribute to risk management improvement, to promote local, national, regional and international co-operation in four priority fields: education and training, comparative analysis and legislative harmonization, scientific research and expertise.


Training - Specialized course in the field of natural risk reduction for various social classes, in particular pre-school and school age children, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, aiming at preparing the participants (especially children) for natural risk protection

  • Elaboration of an academic curriculum in collaboration with the Institute of Sciences for the training of didactic and managerial staff from pre-university establishments in the field of protection of children against natural risks, which finalized with a seminar with the topic “Didactic staff training aspects in the field of flood protection”.
  • Specialized courses on the psychological aspects of natural risk prevention.
  • Elaboration of didactic, training and methodological materials for pre-university and university establishments. These materials come to support children awareness improvement programmes in the field of natural risk prevention. In this context the Centre has organized multiple scientific workshops and conferences, the last one being the international scientific and practical conference on “Anti-risk training in the concept of school education”, organized with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova and the Institute of Sciences, with the participation of scientists from scientific research institutions, university and practical establishments from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

Research activities are carried out in co-operation with other European specialized centres and other international organisations

  • Scientific “Study of flood problems in the Republic of Moldova”, which analyzed and generalized the national and Euro-Asian experience in the field of risk assessment and worked out flood monitoring programs, modern information technologies on flood risk management and mitigation, the content and flood risk quantitative index, flood risk monitoring.
  • Study on the analysis of local natural risk management legislation and its harmonization with international standards. The study mainly aims at creating a common legal space that could facilitate the risk management decision-making process in Europe.

Others - Annual competition of children drawings on the theme “Protection in the event of flood in the view of children”, with the participation of children of I-XII forms.

  • Project on gathering and analyzing the information on the present national systems of toxic waste management according to the European Union policies, in co-operation with other specialized centres.
  • Expertise and consultancy in the field of natural risk management and prevention.
  • Creation of a specialized library and database.
  • Provision of information of legal and insurance character.

Issue of publications, references, informative reports, handbooks, guidance and other.


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  • International scientific and practical workshop on the “Methodological bases regarding the prevention and reaction in emergency situations” (legal aspects, engineering security and disaster management), with the support of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, of scientists and experts from ten higher education establishments of scientific research from within the country and from abroad, as well as of the Department of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Ecology and Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
  • Regional scientific and practical workshop on the theme “Hydraulic station monitoring with the use of nuclear methods – efficient tool for flood prevention”, organized with the co-operation of the Department of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Republic of Moldova, with the participation of scientists and experts from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, the USA, WB representatives and others.
  • International scientific and practical Workshop: „The promotion of risks prevention regarding natural disasters and the implementation of anti-risk education activities in schools”, organized in cooperation with the European Centre for Risk Prevention, Sofia Bulgaria, Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, State University of the Republic of Moldova, Institute of Education and Science of the Republic of Moldova.