European Mediterranean Seismological Center EMSC - FRANCE


Address: c/o LDG - BP 12 – 91680 Bruyère-le Châtel, France

Tel.: + 33 169 26 78 14

Fax: + 33 169 26 70 00

E-mail: [email protected]





Non profit making international non-governmental organisation. About 84 institutes within 55 countries are members

Founded in 1975 following a resolution of the ESC (European Sismological Commission) for a rapid earthquake information

It is the only European seismological organisation to assure operational activities

Since 1992 the EMSC is hosted by the LDG, a CEA Laboratory

A General Assembly is held each year

President: M. Chris Browitt

Secretary General: M. Rémy Bossu

Permanent staff of the Center:
Mlle Stéphanie Godey ; M. Gilles Mazet-Roux ; M. Laurent Frobert, M. Frédéric Roussel, Mlle Santhi Véloupoulé


Scientific Activities


Management of an alert system for possible destructive earthquakes

Management of a rapid information system on seismicity

Production of the Euro-Mediterranean Sismologic Bulletin

Promotion of research and collaboration between Euro-Mediterranean countries (and particularly with UNESCO)

Participation in European Projects

Participation in international congresses (ESC, AGU, RELEMR, IASPEI,…)

Development of innovating methods of detection, based on the citizens' implication

Development of the concept of “civil seismology”:to encourage witnesses of earthquakes to share their experience(using our on-line questionnaires and our tools for sending photos) in order to contribute to better evaluation of their effects.


 Newsletter, scientific publications.