European Centre on Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes  -  ECPFE


Address: 32, Xanthou St., 15451 Athens Greece

Tel.: +30 210 6728000 int 112

Fax: +30 210 6728240

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E.C.P.F.E. is accommodated and run at the headquarters of Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization of Greece (E.P.P.O.) that provides the centre with personnel and backs up most of its activity. ECPFE operates within the framework of EUR-OPA Majors Hazards Agreement which was ratified by the Greek Law in 1992. The Centre is administrated by the Administration Committee and supported by the Scientific Committee, both appointed by the Greek Government on the basis of proposals put forward by the Council of Europe. The present Committes were announced by the Greek Minister of Infrastructures Transport and Networks in March 2011.


The main objective of E.C.P.F.E. is the promotion of earthquake mitigation. For the implementation of the objective, the Centre fosters Trans-European activities with other EC with similar topics of interest such as: a earthquake mitigation and emergency management, training and public information, seismic protection of monuments, reduction of the vulnerability, e.t.c.


1. Protection of cultural heritage

2. Reduction of the vulnerability

3. Education via e-learning techniques

4. Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes


1. Learning about Earthquakes and Protection measures, Guidelines for people with disabilities, also available in e-learning form in our website
 2. Risk elements removal temporal support and propping
 3. Search and rescue operations in Earthquakes

4. Emergency evacuation of the population in case of an earthquake

5. Prevention and mitigation of the psychosocial consequences of earthquakes


1. A two-day international meeting was organized in Athens by EPPO and ECPFE in 2006 and in 2009, concerning the Seismic protection of Monuments.

2. Two Seminars on the same topic were also organized by EPPO and ECPFE in Athens and in Thessaloniki in 2010 and in 2011 respectively.

3. A Workshop was organized by ECPFE in December 2009 with topic: "Code of ethics between Scientists and journalists in event of an Earthquake".