The Council of Europe is the continent’s leading human rights protection organisation. It does this through its most important legal treaty - the European Convention on Human Rights - and the work of the European Court of Human Rights, along with systems for making sure that countries respect the Court judgments.

But there there is so much more. The Council of Europe has designed specific ways of protecting vulnerable groups:  children, women, Roma, LGBTI people, migrants, minorities. It works to stop violence against women, including domestic violence; to create gender equality, to guard against fake medicine and to make sure that working conditions and social rights are fair and freely available. It is also important for us to make sure human rights defenders can work independently and without harassment, that journalists can report free from undue pressure and violence, that prisoners and others deprived of their liberty are properly cared for and free from the shadow of torture, and that technology such as artificial intelligence or data collection does not breach our rights.