The Council of Europe offers two different kinds of grants: project-related, which is for a specified action, and operational, which normally last no more than twelve consecutive months.

The grant must assist in reaching the grantees goals or objectives and must advance the Council of Europe’s values or policies.

The grant award procedure is based on the principles of transparency, non-retroactivity, non-cumulative awards, not-for-profit, co-financing and non-discrimination.

Bodies that have received grants are listed on the grant portal.

The European Youth Foundation awards grants to non-governmental youth organisations to support international, national or local projects addressing the Council of Europe youth sector’s priorities, or a youth organisation itself. Details are covered in the relevant section.

The Roma and Travellers sector awards grants for Roma and pro-Roma NGOs to run Roma political schools in several member states. The EU/CoE joint programmes “Building capacity at local level for the integration of Roma (ROMACT)” and “Promoting good governance and Roma empowerment at local level (ROMACTED)” feature small grant schemes for local Roma inclusion projects and for local authorities and/or local Roma NGOs.