Youth organisations and associations are confronted with reduced funding, resulting in shrinking opportunities for young people’s active involvement in civil society. Thanks to the European Youth Foundation (EYF) financial support is available to encourage co-operation among young people and their meaningful participation in democratic processes.

The EYF provides support to European youth activities through international, national and local youth NGOs, or NGO networks. Each year, approximately 10 000 young people aged between 15 and 30 benefit from EYFsupport for activities that promote the priorities of the youth for democracy programme. There are different types of grants: annual work plans, one-off international activities, and local pilot activities. The EYF also offers advice and support to young people to develop and implement these activities. The financial sustainability of international youth NGOs is supported through structural grants. All decisions related to EYF grants are taken by the Programming Committee on Youth (CPJ), composed on an equal footing of representatives of governments and youth NGOs, thus reflecting the unique co-management system.