Discrimination is a serious and frequent human rights violation across Council of Europe member states. Inequality, reinforced by racism, antisemitism, antigypsism, xenophobia and intolerance, deepens divides and destabilises democracies. Diversity is being presented as a threat instead of a factor of enrichment and prosperity. A systemic approach to all these interrelated phenomena is required to build resilient and inclusive societies.

The Council of Europe works at different levels of governance and with a wide range of stakeholders to build societies that reject discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion, aiming for a strong balance between monitoring, standard-setting, and co-operation activities.

Steering Committee on Anti-discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion – CDADI

The CDADI steers intergovernmental work to promote equality for all and build inclusive societies where diversity is respected, offering effective protection from discrimination and hate. It advises the Committee of Ministers on issues such as preventing and combating hate crime, hate speech and discrimination, fighting antigypsyism and improving the active participation and inclusion of Roma and Travellers in society, safeguarding the rights of persons belonging to national minorities supporting the use of regional or minority languages, and promoting intercultural integration.

 Focus 2022-2025

Combating hate crime; equality for Roma and Traveller women and girls; desegregation and inclusion policies in the field of education; combating discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity; active political participation of national minority youth; regional or national minority language protection; artificial intelligence and equality; equality of rights of intersex persons; intercultural integration of migrants

 Civil society involvement 

  • Participant: Conference of INGOs (CINGO)
  • Observers
  • Consultation with civil society, either through direct participation in meetings, or through dedicated hearings or written consultations