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Leendert Verbeek: "Eradication of poverty remains the top priority at all levels of government"

Presidency Strasbourg, France 18 October 2021
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Leendert Verbeek:

On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings, Congress President Leendert Verbeek participated in the ceremony organised by the Conference of INGOs on the forecourt of the Palais de l 'Europe on 18 October 2021. He underlined the role of local and regional authorities, but also of all other levels of government and civil society organizations, to meet all the social needs of citizens.

“Fighting poverty and promoting access to decent work at the local level benefits not just those who have fallen, or are at risk of falling, into poverty. It improves the quality of living of our societies and makes communities more attractive and sustainable in the long run,” he stated, underlining that the European Social Charter, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary today, guarantees everyone the right to work in safe and healthy conditions.

In its 2020 Human Rights Handbook, devoted to social rights, the Congress provides concrete examples of best practices for local and regional authorities to fight poverty, exploitation and trafficking, and. to guarantee that all their citizens enjoy their right to work.

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