Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

Calendar 2016
This calendar is regularly updated.
19, Paris 1st Meeting of the PCs Bureau
20-21, Paris Preparatory meeting - 31st Airport Group Meeting
20-21, Paris Preparatory meeting of precursors annual meeting
20-21, Paris 3rd Working Group Meeting on Drug Cost
3-5, Lisbon Study visit to Portugal of Egyptian delegation
8-11, Bordeaux Study visit of Algerian delegation to Bordeaux OST Centres
9, Paris 5th Meeting of MedSPAD Committee
2-3, Strasbourg 2016 European prevention Prize – Preparatory Meeting
8-9, Alger OST Launching seminar in Algeria
8-9, Lisbon Preparatory meeting for TI 2016 1st Module

19, New York Pompidou Group at UNGASS
25-26, Reykjavik 4th Working Group Meeting on Drug Cost
30, Strasbourg 19th Plenary Meeting of MedNET
31, Strasbourg 78th PCs Meeting / 78ème réunion des CPs
6-8, Helsinki Needs assessment seminar Executive training 2016
14-16, Strasbourg 31st Airport Group annual Meeting
25-26, Paris Expert group reviewing national regulations on opioid agonist treatment
12-15, Stockholm Qualifying Seminar Executive Training
21, Lisbon 6th MedSPAD Committee Meeting
28-30, Poland 8th Annual precursors meeting
4, Paris 2nd Meeting of the PCs Bureau
15, Italy Symposium on New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)
16-17, Italy 79th Plenary of PCs Meeting
17, Italy 2016 European Prevention Prize award Ceremony
28-29, Tbilisi International Prison Conference - Criminal Justice Responses for Drug Dependent Prisoners
30, Rabat 20th Plenary Meeting of MedNET + 10th Anniversary
1-2, Rabat TDO 5
4-6, Strasbourg Cybercrime Working Group