Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

Calendar 2015
This calendar is regularly updated.
19-21, Malta Tunisian delegation study visit to Malta
20-22, Paris Preparatory meeting for the plenary Airports Group Meeting/Cybercrime/Precursors/General Aviation
26, Paris Preparatory meeting Gender Mildeca
27, Paris 1st 2015 Bureau meeting
27-28, Paris Needs assessment seminar preparatory meeting
2-4, Ukraine Advocacy workshop (TBC)
4-5, Moldova Launch of the Therapeutic Community in Prisons project
2-6, Malta Palestinian delegation study visit to Malta /OST
11, Paris MedSPAD Committee
12, Paris MedSPAD (Algiers, Tunis)
13, Paris MedSPAD Egypt
2-3, Rabat Round Table Morocco
11, Vienna Women in Focus: Social Reintegration as a Key to
Successful Recovery
12, Vienna The Success of Therapeutic Communities in Prison - a Model for Europe
9-13, Vienna Art Therapy and Drug Prevention in Prisons Exhibition
23-25, Ljubljana Needs assessment seminar
26-27, Ljubljana Qualifying seminar preparatory meeting
10, Strasbourg Launching of the South Programme II
16, Strasbourg Gender commission
21-22, Algiers Regional seminar on TSO
23-24, Pryluky Drugs in prisons (Ukraine)
27-28, Zagreb Workshop on Airport in South East Europe
19, Tunis 17th MedNET Plenary
20-21, Tunis Round Table Tunisia
25-29, Chisinau Therapeutic Communities in Prisons Training
27-28, Strasbourg 76th PC meeting
8-10, Oslo 1st meeting of the Expert Group on “Possible adverse effects and associated cost of drug control policies”
15-17, Bari Qualifying seminar
16-18, Strasbourg 2015 Plenary meeting of Airport Group
27-28, Paris Review of OST Regulations
5-6, Cairo Round Table, Egypt
16-18, Prague Annual precursors meeting
23-25, Lisbon Lisbon Conference
5, Paris MedSPAD Committee 4th Meeting
6, Paris 2nd Bureau Meeting
4-6, Strasbourg Expert group - Cybercrime
16, Strasbourg 18th MedNET Plenary
17-18, Strasbourg 77th PC Meeting
18, Strasbourg MedSPAD Committee