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A communication tool to promote the reference framework in non-technical language in the form of a PowerPoint document has been developped. The contact persons to whom it will be presented will be selected from among the representatives of employers, employees, trade union organisations and public authorities, to help to identify the factors that will assist or impede its implementation. It is also possible to consult this PowerPoint on a restricted collaborative work space on the Pompidou Group website, to enable those to whom it is addressed to post comments and the group of experts to take full advantage of new communication media. The reference framework does not yet have all the cultural and institutional parameters to be able to be adapted to each country. It presents the guidelines for preventing drug use in the workplace. The essence of this framework is demonstrating good practices in Europe and beyond.
Building on the achievements of the period 2012-2013 and including the final Declaration of the 15 May 2012 adopted at the High-level Conference on “Alcohol, drugs and prevention in the workplace: what are the issues and challenges for the governments, the companies and the staff?”, the objectives of the second phase of the activity are the following:

• Examine the difficulties and the leverages of the implementation of the reference framework in the Member States of the Pompidou Group, where the framework is being implemented or taken over, through the comments posted on the collaborative restricted website;

• Identify the various tripartite actors (trade unions, employers and States) of the Member States of the Pompidou Group and national events in which the reference framework could be presented;

• Consider a joint publication with the European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions in Dublin, following the responses to the questionnaire sent by the Pompidou Group;

• Discuss the role and the involvement of WHO and ILO in the dissemination of the reference framework

A first meeting to prepare the key ideas and guidelines of an international conference will be held in Paris on the 23rd October 2013. The objective of the meeting is to reflect on recommendations to make to the Permanent Correspondents following the conference of May 2012. The International Conference is planned to be held on 15th and 16th October 2014 in Strasbourg.

A second meeting with a group of experts will be held on the 22nd January 2014, during which the feasibility to dedicate a “label” for workplaces showing good practices in the field of drug prevention will be studied, and discussed at the International Conference of October 2014.

The Pompidou Group suggests to edit a publication with the answers studied in phase 1, together with the ones obtained since (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Serbia, Switzerland and Russia), before a possible publication with Eurofound. This publication will include the Final Declaration of May 2012, an updated bilingual summary of contributions and in the annex the contributions of the 15 countries. This publication will be ready for the Permanent Correspondents' meeting on 24-25 November 2013.
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This document follows the principles and recommendations of the Expert Committee on Ethical Issues and Professional Standards of the Pompidou Group and the guidelines of the Portuguese Data Protection Authority which was drafted by IDT in collaboration with others partners (General Directorate for Health, Trade Unions, employers' associations, the Portuguese Society for Work Medicine and the Portuguese Data Protection Authority).
suite "Prevention of Psychotropic Substance use inthe work environment - Temporary workers placement - (staffing work)" (Associaçao Portuguesa das Empresas do sector privado de emprego)
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