The National ELDW co-ordinators of the Associations of Local and Regional Authorities are now disseminating the European Local Democracy Week in their countries. They replied to a small questionnaire where they shortly summarise their engagement. We are collecting all the answers that we receive.To know more about the commitment of the national Associations, read the questionnaire results.
SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) informs municipalities about the ELDW 2012 edition.
A meeting focused on ELDW took place in Stockholm (SALARs Office) on the 23rd May. Mr. Lars O.Molin, member of the Congress and chair of the Monitoring Committee, informed the participants about the Congress activities and priorities, as well as about the ELDW 2012 edition. The municipalities of Írebro and Sundbyberg made presentations about their experience, having taken part to ELDW last year. Local politicians and their officers attending the meeting discussed, as well, new ideas for the upcoming Week this autumn. The main objective for SALAR was to inform its members about this opportunity in order to involve new municipalities to this pan-European event.
An international Conference in Diemen (The Netherlands, 11 May 2012) presenting the 2011 ELDW results of the Macadam Mix-Talent Web-project. Amy Koopmanschap, Mayor of Diemen and member of the Congress, will give Greet Meesen, founder of the Macadam Mix-Talent Web-project the “Special Mention Award of the ELDW 2011” assigned by the President of the Congress, Keith Whitmore, on the occasion of the “12 Star-City award ceremony” in Strasbourg on 21 March 2012.More
“12 Star cities 2011” – The award ceremony at the 22nd Congress Session.
During the 22nd Session of the Congress, the municipalities that used “12 Star city” status in the ELDW 2011 to involve citizens in a wide range of events received a certificate in recognition of their prominent role in the Week. The ceremony, organised by the Congress, took place on 21 March at Strasbourg’s City Hall at the invitation of Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg.
A number of representatives from “12 Star” cities who attended the event, received the certificate.

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22nd Congress’ Session – Children chorus wearing the ELDW T-shirts
At the opening of the 22nd Congress’ Session, on the 20th of March, a chorus of 30 children from La Krutenau music school (France) sang the European Anthem “Ode to joy”. For their nice performance, they received a T-shirt with the logo of the ELDW.
ELDW 2011 special mention award to Diemen (The Netherlands)
During the 12 Star city award ceremony, a ELDW special mention award was given to the town of Diemen for a very special initiative organised in the framework of the ELDW 2011 named the “Macadam Mix-Talent Web-project”.The project was launched in Diemen by Greet Meesen, a teacher who develops online training methods for sick or handicapped children in cooperation with other education professionals around the world

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The annual general coordination meeting of the ELDW
assessed the 2011 edition of the Week.
During the meeting, held in Paris at the Council of Europe headquarters, representatives from municipalities, national associations and European networks came together to review the results from the 2011 European Local Democracy Week.
“The Week is steadily gaining popularity and reputation”, stated John Warmisham, presenting the report prepared by the Congress Secretariat. “The number of participating municipalities, the variety of activities and the concrete commitment of our institutional partners show that the 2011 edition was a success.”

Key improvements on previous editions of the week included the involvement of national local government associations in the event, and the role played by the “12 Star cities”.

During the meeting, Congress President Keith Whitmore and John Warmisham, political co-ordinator of the Week, proposed to emulate the success of the 2011 edition by promoting social cohesion in local communities under the overall thematic umbrella of human rights. “The overall aim is to develop local democracy by achieving a real culture of human rights at the grassroots” said Keith Whitmore.

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(Report): Edition 2011:concept, engagement, events by country

Edition 2014

The ELDW theme for 2014 will be adopted during the 26th Congress Session (25-27 March 2014). Registration to the ELDW will be available after this date.


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