Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics - ICoD


Address: Foundationfor International Studies, St. Paul Street Valletta VLT 07, Malta

Tel.: + 356 21 240746

Fax: + 356 21 245764

E-mail: [email protected]





President: Prof. Lino Brigulio

President of the Scientific Committee: Prof. Lino Brigulio
Director: Dr. Anton Micallef
Permanent staff of the Center:
Dr. Anton Micallef, Ms. Antonella Vassallo, Ms. Michelle Cassar


The objectives of the Centre, which is a non-profit organization created within the framework of the above-mentioned agreement, shall include education, training and research on coastal issues and related hazards in the Mediterranean


  • 2nd Commonwealth Training Course on the  Management of Coastal Recreational Tourism

14th –    24th March 2005

  • Application of the Bathing Area Registration & Evaluation (BARE) System in Mediterranean Coastal States  - Evaluation of Regional Beach Survey Questionnaires; post-workshop.
  • Participation in EU- Funded Projects
    • RIMAWA Project (Coordinator: Prof A. Pavia)
    • HIPOCAS – Hindcast of Dynamic Processes of Ocean and Coastal Areas.
    • MFSTEP-NAS - Mediterranean Ocean Forecasting System Project.
    • CLEOPATRA - Chemical Effluent & Oil Pollution Alert & Tracking.
    • ADIOS-NAS - Atmospheric Deposition and Impact of Pollutants in the Open Mediterranean Sea.
  • Preparation for the Third Commonwealth Training Course on the Management of Coastal Recreational Tourism; March 2006; Valletta, Malta


Production of educational media to raise awareness of 6-11 year old children to the Euro-Mediterranean coastal environment and related hazards.


  • Workshop on The State of Beach Management in the Mediterranean, 10 - 11th June 2005
  • Preparation for the Second International Conference on the Management of Coastal Recreational Resources 2006; Malta