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European Drug Prevention Prize 2014
The deadline for entries to the European Drug Prevention Prize 2014 has now passed! A total of 56 projects applied, with submissions from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia Slovenia, Spain, Romania, Turkey and "The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia''. The Pompidou Group will award the prize to the three most innovative grass-roots drug prevention projects. A jury of seven young people engaged in drug prevention work from across Europe and beyond will now assess the projects. They will meet at the Council of Europe at the end of August to make their final selection, with the support of three experts. A crucial factor in the jury's decision will be the extent to which young people are involved in the projects. They will be looking for evidence of youth participation in the development and implementation of activities, decision-making, project management and/or evaluation. The Prize will be awarded at the 16th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group in November 2014. Each winning project will receive a trophy, a certificate and €5,000 to boost its activities. Good luck!

Recent news
  Bureau Meeting in Paris
The first bureau meeting of the Permanent Correspondents of 2014 was held on the 2nd of April in Paris. At the meeting, the Bureau members and the Secretariat discussed the activities carried out after the 73rd Permanent Correspondents Meeting as well as the progress of the on-going work. The Bureau was briefed about bi-lateral and multi-lateral contacts with member and non-member states, international and other organisations, budget and finances as well as recent political developments in the drug policy field. Concerns were raised about the situation in the Crimea concerning patients under opioid substitution whose treatment will be discontinued in the current context. Moreover, the Bureau discussed a proposal of a preliminary draft programme for the Ministerial Conference for the consideration of the Permanent Correspondents at their 74th meeting in June, together with ideas for a possible theme of the Ministerial Conference and sub-themes for presentations by the Ministers. Among the most important topics discussed were the future Presidency of the Pompidou Group and the preparation of the 2015 – 2018 Work Programme.

Regional drug policy cooperation in South-East Europe
Together with more than 70 key partners, experts and all Permanent Correspondents from South East Europe, Mr. Patrick Penninckx, the Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group, has participated at the TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument managed by the European Commission) workshop on drug addiction treatment held in Sarajevo on 26-27 March 2014. Mr. Penninckx reiterated the importance of South East Europe for cooperation and stressed the necessity to further develop evidence-based and coherent drug policies in the region. The workshop has been jointly organised by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to enhance the quality of drug addiction treatment in the region and share European best practices. E-mental health, the links between substance abuse and behavioural addictions, the growing crisis of dependence in children, the collection of precise data on the evolution of drug addiction in the region as well as future perspectives for cooperation in the region are the key topics that have been discussed. This was the sixth South East Europe regional cooperation event to cover health consequences of substance abuse. Previous meetings were held in Ljubljana, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Podgorica and Athens. As a follow up to the workshop it was suggested to update the Pompidou Group publication on treatment systems in South East Europe and to plan for a workshop on the use of the Internet in prevention and treatment of drug addiction to be organised in Tirana.
The 57th session of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, 13-21 March 2014: Resolution on theoretical and practical training concerning drug use related disorders.

An urgent response to the needs caused by drug use related disorders prompted the Pompidou Group Permanent Correspondent from Greece to call for action. The call was addressed by a group of experts who produced a report and made the required recommendations.
The report served as basis for a resolution presented by Greece on behalf of the United Nations Member States, European Union countries as well as Israel and Peru.
This newly adopted resolution invites UN Member States to further strengthen the professional knowledge and skills of specialists working with people suffering from drug use related disorders; providing them with complex training programs and scientific education, based on valid knowledge, coupled with an interdisciplinary approach and exchange of best practices.

The MedNET countries express their opinion on the impact of the cooperation activities
During the 14th MedNET meeting in Rabat, the representatives of 10 MedNET countries participating in the event, gave an interview on the impact of MedNET cooperation in their country.

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suite Interview by Mr. Jallal Toufiq, Marocco (French only)
suite Interview by Mr. Richard Muscat, Malta
suite Interview by Mr. Ramzi Haddad, Lebanon (French only)
suite Interview by Mr. Abdullah Al Khraisat, la jordanie (Arab only)
suite Interview by Ms. Elisabetta Simeoni, Italy
suite Interview by Ms. Minerva Malliori, Greece
suite Interview by Ms. Danièle Jourdain-Menninger, France (French only)
suite Interview by Mr. Emad Hamdi-Ghoz, Egypt
suite Interview by Ms. Leda Christodoulou, Cyprus
Other news
High Level Segment of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna
The Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group, Patrick Penninckx, represented the Council of Europe and the Pompidou Group at the High Level Segment of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna on13-14 March 2014, as well as the Commission on Narcotic Drugs the following week. The Pompidou Group distributed four policy papers to the delegates: on harm reduction, on training and education, on addictology, on austerity policies as well as the drug policy country profile for Israel. The first two documents formed the basis for Resolutions that were adopted by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs. Mr Penninckx had bilateral meetings with several national drug coordinators, Permanent Correspondents of the Pompidou Group and other high-level representatives.

International Women’s Day

Pompidou Group introduces a new research project on the gender dimension of prescription drug misuse. Up to now, the monitoring of substance misuse has focused on licit and illicit substances, but the non-medical use of prescription drugs is still not well-known. Around 20 countries covering Europe and the Mediterranean region will participate in a study to explore gender differences in non-medical use of prescription drugs through an analysis of available data, and identification of gaps in the data. This first study should lead to recommendations for further research, policy development and practice.

MedNET 2013 annual activity report now available
Since the setting up of the MedNET network, an annual activity report is published each year. The 2013 activity report is now available. It gives a summary of all the activities carried out in 2013 thanks to a funding by France, Italy and the Joint EU/Council of Europe South Programme.

The 2013 activity report
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