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Pompidou Group and Icelandic authorities intensify cooperation

Elena Hedoux and Thomas Kattau met high-level representative from the Ministries of Health and Interior of Iceland to discuss intensified cooperation.”Our objective was to carry forward the highly productive cooperation the Group had with Iceland over the last two years”, Elena Hedoux outlined the objective of the meetings. Mrs Margret Björnsdottir, Director General in the Ministry of Welfare and Mr Skuli Thor Gunnsteinsson, Deputy Director General in the Ministry of Interior, informed the Pompidou Group delegation that an inter-ministerial working group had been established to coordinate the participation in Pompidou Group activities. Furthermore it was announced that the Pompidou Group would be informed shortly about the newly nominated Permanent Correspondent.

  At the invitation of the Iceland Ministry of Welfare: PG expert group meets in Reykjavik

The PG’s expert group on effects and associated costs of drug control policies arrived in Iceland to hold their 4th meeting in Reykjavik from 25 – 26 May 2016. Ögmundur Jonasson, who served as Minister of Health and subsequently as Minister of Interior in Iceland, welcomed the Pompidou Group’s presence in Iceland: “Iceland wants to get more connected with Europe in the field of drug policies!”
He provided the expert group with insights from the policy making level and illustrated how Iceland had taken the financial crisis of 2008 as a chance to review drug policies to achieve better results for tax payers’ money. 


  PG at UNGASS - working for results

UNGASS 2016 is behind us, but the discussion about the future of global drug policy it is not over. It is an important milestone. The UNGASS outcome document provides directions for future work that can be prioritised according to needs and other circumstances. It highlights the roles of international and regional organisations. The Pompidou Group attended UNGASS and, represented by the Norwegian Minister for Health and Care Services on behalf of the Group’s Presidency, made a well-received statement on human rights and drug policy during the main session. The Pompidou Group also contributed to UNGASS through co-organisation and participation in side events on human rights (remarks by Jan Malinowski), youth (presentation by Elena Hedoux) and women and drugs (remarks by Jan Malinowski). Ahead of UNGASS, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe also made a communication about the Organisation’s work towards a human rights compliant drug policy – in Europe and beyond.  

  Fifth Francophone International Colloquy on “The Treatment of Opioid Dependence”

Following Montreal, Paris, Geneva and Brussels, the Fifth Francophone International Colloquy on “The Treatment of Opioid Dependence” is scheduled to take place in Rabat on November 30th and December 1st and 2nd, 2016. Its theme is access to ODT, a challenge for human rights.

This colloquy is supported by the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe, the Swiss Society of Addiction Medicine (SSAM), the French Swiss Group of Addiction Studies (GREA), the French Swiss College of Addiction Medicine (COROMA), the Addiction Federation (FA) and the Brussels Federation of Institutions for Drug Addicts (FEDITO). The Moroccan Addictology Association (AMA) is a stakeholder in the organization of this international event.

The colloquy will take place at the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco. It will be preceded by MedNET’s 20th meeting on November 30th also celebrating the 10th MedNET anniversary.


Call for applications: European Drug Prevention Prize 2016.

Apply for the Pompidou Group 2016 European Drug Prevention Prize and win €5.000.
The Prize is awarded every two years to drug prevention projects made by young people from 47 Council of Europe member States as well as other member States of the Pompidou Group and members of the Group's Mediterranean Network for Co-operation on Drugs and Addictions (MedNET). Up to three projects will be awarded a Prize. At the Award Ceremony every winner will receive a Prize Trophy, a Prize Diploma and €5.000 for their further development.
The applications should reach the Pompidou Group secretariat by 31 July 2016. Please read the instructions carefully and submit your application by email to pompidou.preventionprize@coe.int.

‘The nexus of human rights and drug control policies’ UNGASS side event organised by the government of Norway and the Pompidou Group

Mr. Jan Malinowski, Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group, gave a presentation underlining that the enjoyment of human rights is closely intertwined with the impact of policy on social, economic and other rights of people affected in one way or another by drug policy. He outlined the consequences for drugs policy of the right of everyone to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, and of access to medicines as a fundamental aspect of the right to health. The human rights dimension of drug policy is also closely linked to the development agenda and the sustainable development goals. In line with the Council of Europe’s core values and aims, under its current Norwegian Presidency, the Pompidou Group aims to bring human rights to the forefront of drug policy and also to explore the unintended social and economic consequences and costs of drug policies. 

Treatment of substance abuse disorders among young people’ UNGASS side event organised by the government of Israel, the Pompidou Group and UNODC

Ms. Elena Hedoux gave a presentation of the Pompidou Group’s work on young people and drug use and how to reach and provide those at risk with suitable treatment. She highlighted the important role of general practitioners as a first point of contact, and the need to provide low-threshold and non-stigmatizing access to treatment services. Young people should be enabled take ownership of their treatment to ensure a high level of success and remission. In order to effectively reach young people, in particular high risk groups, internet-based offers can provide innovative and cost-effective options. These can have a much wider reach than face-to-face offers and also reach those groups that would normally not access other forms of treatment.

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4th Working Group Meeting on Drug Cost

30, Strasbourg 19th Plenary Meeting of MedNET

31, Strasbourg 78th PCs Meeting / 78ème réunion des CPs

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