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Tbilisi Conference on Criminal Justice and Prison

Delegates at the ‘International Conference on Alternative to Punishment and Drug Treatment in Prisons’, held in Tbilisi, 21-22 March 2017, called for developing comprehensive criminal justice responses to drug dependent people who are in trouble with the law. More than 70 high-level representatives from relevant Georgian ministries, international organisations, delegations from Armenia, Belarus, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, international experts as well as local civil society representatives participated at the conference. They discussed drug treatment services in prisons and alternative sanctions for drug dependent persons in Georgia. Leading drug experts argued that prison sentences can be counterproductive in treating drug addiction and preventing drug users from reoffending after release. European good practice examples such as Therapeutic Communities (TCs), Opiate Agonist Treatment (OAT), Needle and Syringe Exchange Programmes (NSP) as well as alternatives to punishment for drug-related offences were presented and discussed. The participants agreed that the costs for society and health risks for drug using individuals can be reduced by effective drug treatment and harm reduction programmes in prisons and in the community. The conference was prepared together with the Georgian Ministry of Justice in the framework of the Pompidou Group project on ‘Criminal Justice Responses to drug dependent prisoners’ of the joint EU-Council of Europe’s Programmatic Cooperation Framework (PCF) programme.

  CND: Pompidou Group project draws global attention!

Drughelp.eu is one of the Pompidou Group’s most recognized projects at the moment. Being a self-assessment tool on the internet to check the risks and consequences of drug use, it provides a highly cost effective an easily accessible service for drug users. It is easily accessible and as much as 70% of its users are among those who would not make use of face-to-face offers. The activity initiated by the South East Europe Cooperation of the Pompidou Group is already fully operational in 8 countries in less than two years after its inception. This CND event was organised by Croatia and Greece, drawing more than 100 people to the meeting, making it probably the most sought after event on this second day of the 60th CND session in Vienna. 

  Women and drugs in Algeria: Pompidou Group supports the International Women day

With a first seminar in Algeria on the topic on women and drugs, the Pompidou Group is contributing to the International Women Day on 8 March

Within the MedNET 2017 work programme and at the initiative and in cooperation with the Office National de Lutte contre la Drogue et la Toxicomanie of Algeria, the Pompidou Group is holding a first seminar on women and drugs in Algiers. 80 Representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Prison Administration, Police and Gendarmerie and the Civil Society will participate in this seminar along with experts from Egypt and Greece. 


  MedNET celebrated 10 years in Rabat

Representatives of the 12 MedNET countries - Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia - have celebrated MedNET's 10th birthday, along with other invited countries - Croatia, Monaco, Switzerland, Turkey, Palestine and Spain - and the EMCDDA and the EU Delegation in Rabat. MedNET was officially created in 2006 on the basis of the Pompidou Group's first cooperative work in the Mediterranean region, launched in 1999. The committee approved the 2016 MedNET activity report, and adopted an ambitious work programme for 2017. They welcomed the results and impact of MedNET over the last 10 years and thanked their donors, especially France and Italy, whose regular contributions have ensured the continued success of a network whose budget has grown tenfold since its creation.
Mrs Daničle Jourdain-Menninger, President of France's Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Drugs and Addictive Behaviours (Mildeca), said: 'The MedNET network is the cornerstone of international cooperation in the fight against drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking in the Mediterranean area. Thanks to a pragmatic, dynamic and culturally sensitive method of regional cooperation and the synergy of a wide variety of professional profiles, a great number of results have been achieved. Among the major achievements of MedNET over the past decade have been the sharing of experiences, capacity building, creating national observatories and conducting MedSPAD surveys, as well as the increased awareness member states have towards drug users and their increased attention to prevention and disseminating treatments for opioid dependence. All these successes call on us to deepen cooperation further between our countries and to work towards a truly humanist policy on addiction.

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Impact of MedNET

Mexico joins the Pompidou Group!

Mexico will become the 39th member of the Council of Europe’s drug policy cooperation platform The Pompidou Group. It was announced on 30 November by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers. Earlier this month in Venice, Ambassador Santiago Onate Laborde of Mexico met with Jan Malinowski, Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group at a conference in Venice to discuss membership. In particular the Pompidou Group’s efforts to support balanced and innovative drug policies, the executive training programmes, as well the Group’s profound contributions to the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) in 2016, were among the key for Mexico’s decision to join. The Pompidou Group provides an international forum for policy-makers, professionals and researchers to discuss and exchange information on the whole range of drug misuse and trafficking problems. In order to carry out this mission, it adopts a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to all drug problems and employs a variety of working methods.
Mexico will formally join the group as of 1 January 2017.

INCB report

The INCB (International Narcotics Control Board) 2016 report released on 2 March 2017 calls for drug policies that take women into account, as countries register disproportionate rise in overdoses among females. In its chapter one devoted to women and drugs, the report on the world drug situation refers for the first time to PG publications of 2015 on the Gender Dimension of Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs and 2016 on Improving the Management of Violence Experienced by Women who use psychoactive substances. The INCB calls for gender-sensitive drug policies and programmes, better health-care access for drug-dependent women and more funding to prevent and treat drug abuse women.

Press Release

Spain collaborates with MedNET and hosts a study visit of an Egyptian delegation
Madrid - 27 February to 3 March 2017

Following the participation of Spain in MedNET 10th Anniversary in 2016, the Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas is sharing its expertise in drug policy, addiction treatment and risk reduction with a team of Egyptian experts from the General Secretariat of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment from the Ministry of Health. 

irst International Conference on “General Aviation - a blind spot in drug enforcement!”
Madrid - 26 & 27 April 2017

The first International Conference on “General Aviation – a blind spot in drugs enforcement !” organised by the “Pompidou Group – Council of Europe” and the “Dirección General de la Guardia Civil (Spain)” will take place Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th of April 2017 in Madrid. The meeting will be hosted by the Dirección General de la Guardia Civil, Room Cecorvigmar, Calle Guzmán el Bueno n°110, 28003 Madrid, Spain.

The overall aim of this first 2-day global event is to reduce illegal trafficking and prevent the abuse of General Aviation traffic. Non-commercial flights, ULM, private jets, helicopters and drones slip into countries, landing on secondary airports and occasional platforms to smuggle drugs, illegal immigrants, guns, etc. through General Aviation worldwide

. During several presentations different experts in the field of General Aviation from European countries and countries worldwide, will have an interactive exchange of information, in order to facilitate an increase of knowledge through risk assessment, awareness raising, exchange of information, sharing of best practice, networking and multidisciplinary cooperation.

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8, Algiers 
Women and Drugs
21-22, Tbilisi
Alternatives to Punishment and Drug Treatment in prisons
28-30, Haifa
1st Module of the Executive Training (Study visit)

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