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Pompidou Group delegation visits Mexico

Elena Hedoux and Thomas Kattau of the Pompidou Group Secretariat visit Mexico to discuss the future cooperation activities under Mexico’s new status as member State as from 1st January 2017. During a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City, priorities and concrete activities were elaborated. “It was a very constructive meeting with all relevant stakeholders coming together. This way we will get a head start into working with our new member.” Summarized E. Hedoux the outcome of the meeting. T. Kattau underlined the “wealth of ideas and enthusiasm which Mexico brings to the Pompidou Group”.

  The 5th International Francophone Conference on Opioid Dependence Treatment (TDO5) is being held – with the support of MedNET – for the first time in North Africa.

After Montreal, Paris, Geneva and Brussels, TDO5 chose Rabat, a Moroccan, Mediterranean and African city, a bridge between east and west, as the location for its 5th conference.
'MedNET was the catalyst for initiating risk reduction policies in the Southern Mediterranean, particularly through introducing methadone substitution treatments in Morocco in 2009; it's the perfect model of North-South and South-South co-operation between the two shores of the Mediterranean – multidisciplinary and based on a holistic and integrated approach to the problem of drug use', said Professor Jallal Toufiq, MedNET correspondent in Morocco and member of the INCB. 300 participants are taking part in this conference in Rabat. Both ten years of MedNET and the opening of the 5th TDO conference – a partnership between countries and between professionals – are being celebrated. In the light of UNGASS 2016, great changes are taking place in the field of drug use. The glaring lack of access to opioids for medical purposes in many countries, and the abuse that this same access generates in others, is the perfect example. The challenges to be met include adequate and appropriate prevention, early access to care, continuous support, effective and proximate reduction of the consequences of use, long-term reintegration and anticipated risk reduction. TDO5 is a forum for debate and exchange for policy makers, specialists, academics, general practitioners, nurses, educators and drug users.


The network is expanding to two new

Pompidou Group member Turkey is joining MedNET, as is Palestine. The network now comprises 14 countries that will work together to develop and implement the MedNET 2017 programme

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  MedNET celebrated 10 years in Rabat

Representatives of the 12 MedNET countries - Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia - have celebrated MedNET's 10th birthday, along with other invited countries - Croatia, Monaco, Switzerland, Turkey, Palestine and Spain - and the EMCDDA and the EU Delegation in Rabat. MedNET was officially created in 2006 on the basis of the Pompidou Group's first cooperative work in the Mediterranean region, launched in 1999. The committee approved the 2016 MedNET activity report, and adopted an ambitious work programme for 2017. They welcomed the results and impact of MedNET over the last 10 years and thanked their donors, especially France and Italy, whose regular contributions have ensured the continued success of a network whose budget has grown tenfold since its creation.
Mrs Danièle Jourdain-Menninger, President of France's Interministerial Mission for the Fight against Drugs and Addictive Behaviours (Mildeca), said: 'The MedNET network is the cornerstone of international cooperation in the fight against drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking in the Mediterranean area. Thanks to a pragmatic, dynamic and culturally sensitive method of regional cooperation and the synergy of a wide variety of professional profiles, a great number of results have been achieved. Among the major achievements of MedNET over the past decade have been the sharing of experiences, capacity building, creating national observatories and conducting MedSPAD surveys, as well as the increased awareness member states have towards drug users and their increased attention to prevention and disseminating treatments for opioid dependence. All these successes call on us to deepen cooperation further between our countries and to work towards a truly humanist policy on addiction.

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Impact of MedNET

Mexico joins the Pompidou Group!

Mexico will become the 39th member of the Council of Europe’s drug policy cooperation platform The Pompidou Group. It was announced on 30 November by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers. Earlier this month in Venice, Ambassador Santiago Onate Laborde of Mexico met with Jan Malinowski, Executive Secretary of the Pompidou Group at a conference in Venice to discuss membership. In particular the Pompidou Group’s efforts to support balanced and innovative drug policies, the executive training programmes, as well the Group’s profound contributions to the UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) in 2016, were among the key for Mexico’s decision to join. The Pompidou Group provides an international forum for policy-makers, professionals and researchers to discuss and exchange information on the whole range of drug misuse and trafficking problems. In order to carry out this mission, it adopts a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to all drug problems and employs a variety of working methods.
Mexico will formally join the group as of 1 January 2017.

European Drug Prevention Prize: Three winners in Venice

Young people presented their drug prevention projects to an enthusiastic audience at a reception in Veniceon 15th November held by the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe. The projects were the three prize-winners of the 2016 European Drug Prevention Prize. This bi-annual Prize, awarded since 2004 by a Jury consisting entirely of young people, recognises projects from across Europe and beyond that have carried out excellent drug prevention work through involving young people. The Winners this year were from Bosnia, Israel and Portugal. In Bosnia’s Intercity Theatre young people perform plays in the streets about substance misuse and healthy living. Israel’s Friday Coffee Project has young volunteers connecting with disaffected young people through offering them coffee and conversation. In Portugal, +Attitude promotes several different ways for university students to engage with at-risk young people (aged 10 to 19 years) in positive leisure-time activities. The Jury also shortlisted included projects from Lebanon, Croatia, Belgium and Bulgaria.

Elimination of Violence Against Women

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women– 25 November – is an occasion to celebrate the Pompidou Group’s work on women, drugs and violence. The Council of Europe’s drug policy think tank and cooperation platform has addressed the gender dimension in drug policy for over two decades and contributes to the Council of Europe’s Strategy on Gender Equality. Under its current Norwegian Presidency and Italian Vice-Presidency, in 2015 the Pompidou Group stepped up its work on women, drugs and violence through research and consultation of professionals and experts, and published their recommendations addressed to policy-makers. This endeavour continues as the Pompidou Group is now extending its work to the specific subject of women, violence and rape drugs. The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is also an occasion to draw attention to the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention as a tool for states to structure their action to prevent violence against women, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators.

You can find more on the CoE activities on violence against women HERE and more about the Pompidou Group’s work on women and drugs on OUR WEBSITE.

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