European Drug Prevention Prize
Call for application of projects

On 26 November 2013, during the 73rd Permanent Correspondents Meeting of the Pompidou Group, two jurors are launching the 6th European Drug Prevention Prize in Athens. We herewith are calling for projects to apply to the Prize 2014 which will be awarded at the end of 2014.

All 47 Council of Europe member states, Israel, Morocco, observer States as well as countries from the southern rim of the Mediterranean which are members of the Pompidou Group’s Mediterranean network for co-operation on drugs and addictions (MedNET) (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia) are invited to participate.

The projects must be currently running, managed by young people, targeting children and young people and be innovative in as many ways as possible.

Three youth projects will be rewarded for their work and will each receive a trophy, a diploma and the sum of € 5,000.

The applications should reach the Pompidou Group Secretariat by 30 March 2014. They are to be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Concept, rules and procedures (pdf)
Application form
What is the Prize about?

Since 2004, the European Drug Prevention Prize is awarded every two years to three innovative grass-root projects led by young people for young people.

The main objective of this Prize is to recognise the importance of active youth participation in creating a better and healthier environment.

A jury of seven young people sets the rules and procedures for the Prize and carefully evaluates the submitted projects before selecting the prize-winners they consider to be the most innovative regarding youth involvement in drug prevention.

Visit the website of the Prize
Podcast on the launch of the Prize
Overview of previously submitted projects

How to apply?
Carefully read the rules and procedures.

Download the electronic application form which is available on the Pompidou Group’s website or by e-mailing the Secretariat (follow the links below).

Fill in the application form in English or French, the official languages of the Council of Europe.

Submit the application form by e-mail to the Secretariat.

The deadline for submission is: 30 March 2014

E-mail address:
Pompidou Group’s website: