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Up-date: November 2014
suite Drugs in prisons: Final Project Report
20 June 2013
Reference: P-PG/Prisons (2013) 3

suite Drug related cybercrime and associated use of the Internet
Reference: P-PG/ (2013) 4

suite Declaration adopted at the 15th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group
November 2010
Reference: P-PG/MinConf (2010) 6
suite Work Programme 2011-2014 adopted at the 15th Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group
November 2010
Reference: P-PG/MinConf (2010) 3
suite Ethical questions raised by immunotherapy of addiction: the example of the "Vaccine" against cocaine, opinion and related reports as appendix
By the Committee on Ethical issues and Professional standards
June 2010
Reference: P-PG/Ethics (2010) 11
suite Overview of projects submitted to the European Drug Prevention Prize in 2004-2006-2008-2010: summary of prize-winning projects and shortlisted projects
November 2010
Reference: P-PG/PREV/PP (2010) 4
suite Mission, organisation, governance & working methods of the Pompidou Group
October 2010
Reference: P-PG /MinConf (2010) 4
suite Achievements & Results 2007-2010: report on the implementation of the Pompidou Group 2007-2010 Work Programme
October 2010
Reference: P-PG /MinConf (2010) 1
suite Evaluation of drug prevention activities: theory and practice
By Alfred Uhl, Richard Ives and members of the Prevention Platform
September 2010
Reference: P-PG/Prev (2010) 6
suite Lifestyles and drugs: prevention interventions in recreational settings
By Amador Calafat and members of the Prevention Platform
August 2010
Reference: P-PG/Prev (2010) 7
suite Research and Policy: Examples of the interaction between researchers and policy-makers from 16 countries
By Richard Muscat and members of the Research Platform
August 2010
Reference: P-PG/RES (2009) 9 Rev1
suite Proceedings of the 3rd Seminar on Road Traffic and Drugs, 10-11 July 2006, Council of Europe, Strasbourg
December 2009
Reference: P-PG/RTD (2009) 1
suite Guidelines and Recommendations in Drug Treatment – Bridging the gap between clinical practice and evidence-based practice
Elaboration of main topics from the Conference, Nicosia, Cyprus, 11-13 May 2009
May 2009
Reference: P-PG/TT (2009) 8
suite Exass Network, 4th Meeting, 30-31st October 2008, Moscow, Russian Federation
Report, by Johnny CONNOLY and the Pompidou Group
April 2009
Reference : P-PG/COOP (2008) 10
suite “Treatment Systems Overview”
By Richard MUSCAT and members of the Treatment Platform of the Pompidou Group
April 2009
Reference : P-PG/TT (2009) 1
suite « Prise en charge des toxicomanes »
Séminaires de formation de médecins dans la cadre du projet MedNET
Proceedings, Algeria, 1st semester 2008
suite Arabic version
suite EXASS Network, 3rd Meeting, 26th-28th May 2008, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Report, by Johnny CONNOLY with the support of Jürgen WEIMER and the Pompidou Group, November 2008
suite Conclusions of the Round Table on "Research and its implications for methods of dealing with drug addiction: the ethical challenge" (1-2 October 2008, Cavtat, Croatia)
October 2008
Reference: P-PG/Ethics (2008) 7
suite Drug testing at school and in the workplace, opinion and related reports as appendix
By the Committee on ethical issues and professional standards
Strasbourg, March 2008
Reference: P-PG/Ethics (2008) 5
« Le rôle de la recherche scientifique dans l’élaboration des politiques de drogue »
Séminaire international en coopération avec l’Office National de Lutte contre la Drogue et la Toxicomanie d’Algérie, 3-6 December 2006, Algier, Proceedings
May 2008 (bilingual: French / Arabic)
suite Conclusions of the Conference on quasi-coerced treatment and other alternatives to imprisonment (11-12 October 2007, Bucharest, Romania)
October 2007
Reference: P-PG/CJ (2007) 19
Enquêtes scolaires sur l’alcool, le tabac et les autres drogues dans la région méditerranée, L’enquête MedSPAD à Alger : de la conception aux résultats
Par Soumaya Mansouri-Zeghnoun
June 2007
Reference : P-PG/RES-Med (2007) 1 (in French only)
suite Drug testing in the workplace: inventory of European national legislations
By MM. Rodrigues and Lourenço Martins
June 2007
Reference: P-PG/Ethics (2006) 4 rev2
suite Ministerial Conference “New signals for drug policies across Europe” (27-28 November 2006, Strasbourg)
Proceedings, Strasbourg, 27-28 November 2006
June 2007
Reference : P-PG/MinConf (2007) 1
suite Driving and alcohol, drugs and medicine: concerned European action needed
3rd Seminar on Road Traffic and Drugs" (10-11 July 2006, Strasbourg, France)
February 2007
Reference: P-PG/RDT (2006) 4
Final report – Drug prevention Support Network for Parents and Profesionnals with support of the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Swiss Government
Strasbourg, December 2006
October 2006
Reference : P-PG/Prev-SN (2003) 8
suite Young People and Drugs – Care and Treatment
By Janusz SIEROSLAWSKI et al.
November 2006
Reference : P-PG/TT(2006)5
suite “Why shouldn’t we take drugs?”
Proceedings of the 2nd European Drug Prevention Forum, Vilnius (Lithuania), 18-19 May 2006
November 2006
Reference : P-PG/Prev-CF(2006)6
suite Drugs and alcohol: violence and insecurity ?
Integrated project 2: Responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society
Reference : P-PG/CJ(2004)7
suite Polydrug use: mixing different drugs – new trends in youth culture
1st European Drug Prevention Forum, Proceedings, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation, 6-7 October 2004
Reference : P-PG/Prev-CF (2005)1
suite Russian version
suite Validity and reliability of school surveys based on the European ESPAD methodology in Algeria, Libya and Morocco (MedSPAD pilot School survey project)
By Ruud BLESS and Richard MUSCAT
Strasbourg, 5 July 2004
Reference : P-PG/Res-Med(2004)2
Follow-up project on treatment demand: tracking long-term trends
Final report by Michael STAUFFACHER et al.
Reference : P-PG/Epid (2003)37
Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group “The Pompidou Group: New signals for drug policies across Europe
Proceedings, Dublin, Ireland, 16-17 October 2003
September 2004
Reference : P-PG/MINCONF(2004)1 EF
Ethics and drug use
Seminar on Ethics, professional standards and drug addiction, Strasbourg, February 2003
November 2003
Reference : P-PG/Ethics (2003) 4
International Drug court developments: models and effectiveness
By Prof. Paul MOYLE
September 2003
Reference : P-PG/DrugCourts (2003) 3

Outreach work with young people, young drug users and young people at risk
Emphasis on secondary prevention by Njål Petter SVENSSON
September 2003
Reference : P-PG/Prev (2003) 6
The general Potential of Police Prevention in the area of illicit drugs
By Prof. Dr. Lorenz BÖLLINGER
September 2003
Reference : P-PG/Prev (2003) 2
The Impact of the ESPAD Project
The opinion of ESPAD Researchers by Björn HIBELL and Barbro ANDERSSON
Reference : P-PG/Epid (2003)31 E
Mediterranean Network: Mediterranean School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs (MedSPAD)
Pilot Survey 1 – Morocco
By Richard MUSCAT
Reference : P-PG/Med(2003)12
Estimating the social cost of illicit drugs in Poland
Reference : [P-PG/Cost (2003)2 E
Targeted Drug Prevention – How to reach young people in the community ?
Report of the Conference in Helsinki, November 2002
Pompidou Group Multi-city study update report 1999-2000
By Ruud BLESS, coordinator, May 2002
Reference : P-PG/Epid (2002)11
Prisons, Drugs and Society: A Consensus Statement on Principles, Policies and Practices
Published by WHO (Regional Office for Europe) in partnership with the Pompidou Group
September 2002
Benzodiazepine Use : A report of a survey of benzodiazepine consumption in the member countries of the Pompidou Group
February 2002
Reference : P-PG/Benzo (2002) 1
Missing Pieces: Developing drug information systems in Central and Eastern Europe
Technical reports by Michael STAUFFACHER, coordinateur (joint PG / UNDCP Project: extension of the Multi-city network to Central and Eastern European Europe)
September 2001
Joint Pompidou Group - EMCDDA Scientific Report 2000 - Treatment demand indicator : Standard protocol 2.0 and Technical annex
2 parts available for download at : www.emcdda.org
Vocational rehabilitation of drug users and drug dependent persons (EUREHA Project)
Report on the state of the art and on the results of a survey in all member states of the Pompidou Group
By Ambros UCHTENHAGEN, Susanne SCHAAF & Christa BERGER (Addiction Research Institute at Zurich University
Reference : P-PG/Rehab(2000)1
Problem drug use by women – Focus on community-based interventions
Reference : P-PG/Treatment(2000) 3
Working group on “Minorities and drug misuse”
Consultant’s final report by G.F.van de WIJNGAART and F. LEENDERS
Reference : P-PG/ Minorities (98) 1