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Pompidou Group celebrated 50 years of drug policy cooperation on 28 October 2021

For half a century, member states of the Pompidou Group have been working to develop effective drug policies that respect human rights.

What started with a simple letter from President George Pompidou to six other states is now a network of 42 countries that continually renew their efforts to adapt to the new challenges our society faces. The year of 2021 has been a turning point for the Pompidou Group in this respect, with the adoption of its new status that includes addictions as a more general issue in its action.

To mark the Group's 50th anniversary, its evolution and its successes, a celebration event was held in Paris on 28 October 2021 at the Centre Pompidou. It brought together some 140 participants from 46 countries, representatives of current, former and future member States, special guests and representatives of partner Organizations and civil society.

Following opening statements, a thematic session traced back the history of the Pompidou Group and looked back at its evolution  through testimonies of its current and former Executive Secretaries, the “Dean” of Permanent Correspondents and former Presidents and Vice-Presidents. The most recent developments, such as the accession of Ukraine and the new status presented by the Portuguese Presidency were also included in the programme.

The second thematic session focused on specific issues related to human rights and drug policy.

Finally, the 10th European Drug Prevention Prize Award Ceremony took place.





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Human rights at the heart of drug policies

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This publication from March 2021 presents experiences and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic by frontline workers and people who use drugs. It builds on practice examples from 21 countries submitted on the Pompidou Group’s Save Lives - Protect People platform.

The interviews, articles and reports in the publication showcase valuable experiences and approaches to fight the pandemic across countries, seen through the eyes of experts, frontline workers delivering services under challenging conditions of a COVID-19 outbreak and the people who benefit from those services.

This makes the publication a valuable source of information for drug treatment and harm reduction professionals, researchers and policy makers for understanding the impact of the pandemic on this often underserved and marginalised group, the daily fight of health and social workers and the support they need to overcome the unprecedented crisis linked to the pandemic.