Plan d'action national

Retour Portugal [In development]

The National Action Plan for Responsible Business Conduct and Human Rights is currently in the final stages of development and pending political approval.


Main Coordinating Authority

Directorate-General for the Economic Activities (DGAE)  and the Ministry of Economy (ME)

Drafting Process

The drafting process is being coordinated by the Directorate-General for the Economic Activities of the Ministry of Economy. In 2016, following consultation with national public entities and relevant stakeholders, a first draft was submitted for governmental approval. Changes were suggested and the plan is now being reviewed. Once it is approved it is expected to be a 3 year Action Plan.

Review and Monitoring

The General Directorate of Economic Activities will be responsible coordinating, monitoring and controlling the implementation of the NAP and will be assisted by an Informal Working Group of the National Commission for Human Rights on business and human rights established for this purpose, in which the various Ministries are represented, as well as the Office of the Attorney General and the Ombudsman.

Reporting process:

There will be a process of annual reporting and planning. Each public body with responsibilities within the implementation of the NAP will have to submit an annual report concerning the activities implemented during the previous year, and the respective authorities within the government will have validated an “Activities Plan” for the current year. A final report at the expiry of the NAP will also be required, where the public bodies must also present to DGAE, by April 30th of the year following the conclusion of the NAP, a final report in respect of the implementation measures under their responsibility.

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