The resources of the Fund consist of contributions provided by the contributors and when possible income earned from investment of the contributions deposited on the account.

  • From 2008 until the end of 2023, the HRTF received a total of € 22,635,852.24 in contributions from contributing states.
  • The Fund is open to contributions from all member States as well as, upon invitation by the Assembly of Contributors and acceptance by the Council of Europe and the CEB, to other possible Contributors. The minimum amount of the initial contribution to the Fund is € 200 000. Contributors may at any time make additional contributions of a minimum amount of € 100 000.
  • The Assembly of Contributors (“the Assembly”) is the governing body of the Fund. The Assembly determines the principal orientation and strategies of the Fund, establishes the priority sectors and criteria for projects to be financed, and approves the allocation of funding to individual projects.
  • Ambassador M. Patrick ENGELBERG,  Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to the Council of Europe, is the Chairperson of the Assembly of Contributors of the HRTF, for a period of two years starting 11 May 2023.
  • The Council of Europe’s Directorate of Programme Co-ordination provides the Secretariat of the Assembly of the HRTF.