Spain makes a voluntary contribution.

17/07/2020 Lisbon

The government of Spain has made a voluntary contribution of €40 000 to support the projects "Promoting diversity and equality", implemented by the Women Empowerment programme of the North-South Centre and “Global Youth - Interregional Cooperation for Youth Participation and Global Citizenship”,...

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Call for Nominations for the North-South Prize 2020.


We are pleased to invite you to propose nominations for the 2020 North-South Prize of the Council of Europe. The candidates, preferably a man and a woman, must have distinguished themselves in the following areas: protection of human rights, defence of pluralist democracy, public awareness...

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The North-South Centre’s Executive Committee starts a new mandate.

03/07/2020 Lisbon

On its 23rd meeting, the Executive Committee of the North South Centre elected its Chair, Bureau members and Vice-Chair for a new mandate of two years (2020-2022). All candidates presented, who were previously undertaking the positions of Chair and Bureau in the last term (2018-2020) were elected...

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It’s our world, let’s take action together!

01/07/2020 LISBON

This year, the “Act Locally, Think Globally” motto has never been so current. The need to rethink our way of life - from our consumption habits, to the way we relate with one another and with the environment, as well as how we envision the role of education in our society - has become a shared...

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Call for Young Experts on Intersectionality & Gender Equality.

26/06/2020 Lisbon

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is launching a call for experts in the framework of the project “Promoting diversity and equality” within the Women Empowerment programme for 2020-2021. The Call seeks to establish a core group of young experts who will address intersectional...

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On-line meeting of International Stakeholders active in the field of Youth. 

03/06/2020 Lisbon

Today, the North-South Centre is holding an online meeting with 40 participants with specific expertises in the Youth field, allowing exchange of insights, perspectives and information about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in their work, building synergies and foundations to maintain...

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Cancellation of the MedUni and UYD 2020.

09/05/2020 Lisbon

Considering the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, following the recommendations of the WHO and in agreement with its partners (especially those directly responsible for hosting the universities), we regret to inform that the UYD and the MedUni have been cancelled for the year 2020....

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The Chair of the Executive Committee of the North-South Centre is launching the “ONE HUMANITY - OUR HUMANITY” Appeal.

14/04/2020 Lisbon

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe is currently holding a participative campaign promoting collective mobilisation for solidarity in the context of the CORONAVIRUS crisis, which has caused disproportionate and unequal repercussions all around the world. This campaign aims to link the...

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In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, the North-South Centre is launching a participatory campaign to promote citizen solidarity initiatives to support public engagement against global inequalities.

Lisbon, Portugal 09/04/2020

The current worldwide pandemic crisis of COVID-19, affecting us in all corners of the Earth, dramatically reveals our total and permanent interdependency as human beings, at all levels of our lives: personally, familiarly, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It also reveals the...

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International Roma Day

LISBON 08/04/2020

Roma and Traveller communities are still persecuted by exclusions, discriminations, stereotypes and violences. These kinds of animosities, towards the Roma people and any other group, have no place in our societies. The rejection of the other is dangerous for everyone, it is endless. Violence,...

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