The mission of the North-South Centre is to promote an active global citizenship among governments, parliaments, local & regional authorities and civil society by raising awareness of global interdependence through intercultural dialogue and global education.


The North-South Centre’s work is based on three principles: dialogue, partnership and global solidarity.


dialogue is mutual learning based on listening and acquiring new knowledge. It is in this spirit that the North-South Centre is a platform for discussion between North and South and between the partners in its quadrilogue.


the North-South Centre brings together players from different countries and walks of life who are concerned with common issues. It encourages them to set up networks so as to increase their impact.


the North-South Centre’s aims and principles reflect the Council of Europe’s commitment to the universality of human rights and its acknowledgement that Europe’s future is closely bound to that of other continents.

our role

The European Centre for global interdependence and solidarity, more commonly known as the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, was established in Lisbon in May 1990 with the purpose of promoting dialogue between North and South, fostering solidarity and raising awareness of global interdependence.

The North-South Centre fulfils a dual political role of representing "the voice of the South" within the Council of Europe and of promoting and transmitting the values of democracy and human rights that are central to the Council of Europe's mission in neighbouring regions.

The objective of the North-South Centre is that civil society, in particular youth and women, is empowered through intercultural dialogue and global education to play an active role in member states and neighbouring regions.

Building on the experience, knowledge and network of contacts established over the years, the North-South Centre is an important asset of the Council of Europe and its role has been refocused to contribute to the implementation of the Council of Europe's neighbourhood policy.