The #SolidAction Campaign is a global call for collective mobilisation for solidarity to fight against inequalities.



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In these times of COVID-19 emergency, we face a global, common and survival challenge, which more than ever shows us global interdependence and the need of solidarity to face it.


Read ONE HUMANITY, OUR HUMANITY, An Appeal from the North South Centre of the Council of Europe in face of the COVID-19 crisis, by Ambassador Manuel Montobbio, Chair of the Executive Committee of the North South Centre. 




#solidaction objectives

1. Create a network for mobilisation of solidarity to fight against inequalities.

2. Open the dialogue to give more space to solidarity in our global priorities.

3. Represent the heterogeneity of international networks working for solidarity to reflect the diversity of realities, needs and perspectives.

4. Create synergies, facilitate the exchanges of experiences.

5. Mobilise stakeholders from all sectors to join a global debate and create a common platform on solidarity, based on a bottom-up approach.

6. Collectively build a roadmap to support, coordinate and implement solidarity and cooperation at global and local level.