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Global education is education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the globalised world and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and Human Rights for all.

The Maastricht Declaration, 2002.


Global education is a pedagogical approach that fosters multiple perspectives and the deconstruction of stereotypes and builds on a learner centred approach to foster critical awareness of global challenges and engagement for sustainable lifestyles.

Global Education competences build on development education, human rights education, education for sustainability, education for peace and conflict prevention and intercultural education, all being the global dimension of education for citizenship.

The North-South Centre’s work for the development of global education started in 1991 with pioneer regional multistakeholder seminars on the issue. They led to the drafting of the Global Education Charter in 1997, which became its reference background document, later consolidated by the recommendations from European global education multistakeholder congresses and regional seminars, as well as a capacity building scheme for formal and non-formal educators.

Ever since, the North-South Centre has been contributing to global education advocacy and pedagogical support through a number of initiatives, at institutional and education levels.


The activities of the Global Education Programme are co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe under the iLegend III "Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue" Joint Programme.

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Contribution to the global agenda

Global education echoes the priorities defined in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Global education topics and priorities cover mainly Sustainable Development Goals:

4 quality education

5 gender equality

16 peace and justice

17 (partnerships for the goals