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On the 29th of June 2022, experts from civil society, governments and intergovernmental organisations across North-Africa, the Middle East and Europe will unite to address the protection of girls against violence.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of girls around the world are subjected to practices that harm them physically, psychologically, or both. The lack of legal provisions regarding the minimum age of marriage, the critical rise of violence against girls in humanitarian settings, and the lack of public awareness on the harmful practices to which girls are subjected are urgent priorities highlighted by civil society organisations and grassroots workers in the Southern Mediterranean.

“Protecting Girls” opens the discussion on both a regional and societal level, considering the challenges and solutions to protect girls against violence and strengthen the legal and social infrastructure to support victims. The conference will also present recommendations and promising initiatives from civil society actors.

The Women Empowerment conference will be bilingual, conducted in English and Arabic, with simultaneous interpretation. Taking place in Lisbon (Portugal), the event will be broadcasted through on online platform offering the possibility to join and interact remotely. It is open to anyone willing to know more about what must be done, at different levels, to ensure the protection of girls. 

The event is organised in the framework of the South Programme IV  “Regional Support to Reinforce Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy in the Southern Mediterranean” and with the support of the European Commission representation in Portugal. This milestone event will conclude the North-South Centre’s project Euro-Mediterranean cooperation to protect women and girls against violence, and guide the Centre’s action for future coordination and cooperation in the promotion women and girls rights and combat against gender-based violence.


Through the online platform, you will be able to join the conference from everywhere in the world, interact and network with other participants.

Online registration to the platform  (deadline : 28 June)

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objectives of the conference: objectives of the conference:
To encourage multilateral and multisectoral cooperation to improve the protection of girls against violence in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
To reinforce technical cooperation between Council of Europe and Southern Mediterranean countries.
To put forward recommended actions for national and cross-border cooperation with regards to exploitation and trafficking of girls.
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