The work of the North-South Centre develops around three priority areas:

Global Education

This programme brings together different stakeholders to strengthen global development education through intercultural learning, dialogue and networking in Council of Europe member states and neighbouring regions.

Youth Cooperation

This programme provides training and capacity building for young people and youth organisations and facilitates their participation in decision and policy making.

Empowerment of Women

This programme aims at empowering and protecting women at all levels of society, through the promotion and dissemination of Council of Europe tools, in particular in the southern and eastern Mediterranean regions.

Our methodology

Under the principles of dialogue, partnership and solidarity, through a bottom-up approach, the North-South Centre brings together representatives from governments, national parliaments, local and regional authorities and civil society.

This “quadrilogue” methodology helps build bridges between relevant actors with different cultures, from diverse backgrounds and multiple approaches.

These principles are put into practice through a bottom-up work approach which entails three specific courses of action undertaken by the North-South Centre:

  • Advocacy: the push for the implementation of recommendations
  • Capacity-building: the transfer of knowledge through educators and peers
  • Awareness raising: contributing to the reflection and understanding of each individual’s role within a globally interconnected society

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